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Gold Blue & You

For faculty and staff giving back means going first.
By supporting the Gold Blue and You Campus Campaign you are showing your colleagues, students, and the WVU community that you believe in this University, you are invested in the University’s mission and are committed to the future of WVU.

Give to What You Like
Your gift, of any amount to the area of your choice, is so vital to our University. Whether you choose to support your department, school or college, favorite athletic team, or student scholarships, your gift will make an impact.

Lead the Way
Join your colleagues in supporting WVU. This collective effort and commitment makes a positive difference for our students, alumni, and community.

Why give?
Because you are helping support future Mountaineers!


Special Funds

School/College/Unit Funds

Health Sciences Center Funds

WVU Healthcare Funds

Ways to Give

  • Payroll Deduction
    Payroll deduction is available for WVU, WVU Hospital, WVU Foundation, UHA Medical/Dental Corporation and WVUPC employees. payroll deduction form
  • Online
    Make a gift through an online form
  • By Phone
    Call The University Fund staff at: 304-284-4000
  • By Mail
    Send your check (payable to WVUF - Gold Blue & You) or credit card information to:

    WVU Foundation
    One Waterfront Pl - 7th Floor
    PO Box 1650
    Morgantown, WV 26507

    Printable Giving Forms:
    West Virginia University
    Health Sciences Center & WVU Healthcare

  • Monthly Installments
    A recurring monthly credit card gift is an easy and affordable way to ensure your support for West Virginia University. Charges will occur on or about the 10th day of every month. Your gift(s) will be ongoing until notified in writing to terminate or change. To sign up for monthly installments, please contact The University Fund staff at 304-284-4094

Questions & Answers

What is the Gold Blue & You Campus Campaign?
The Gold Blue & You Campus Campaign is an annual fundraising effort that provides faculty and staff an opportunity to directly impact the WVU community through their charitable donations.

How does the Gold Blue & You Campus Campaign differ from the United Way campaign?
Gifts made during the Gold Blue & You Campus Campaign stay right here at WVU and benefit our students and programs. The United Way is also a worthy cause which supports needs in the Greater Morgantown Area.

What can we support?
You may designate your gift to any department or unit within the University.

Why should we give to the organization that pays our salary?
Most of us support causes we believe in — our places of worship, health care and medical research organizations, the arts, and other worthy causes. As you become more involved in WVU and develop a belief in the mission of the University, your financial support is another way you can make a difference.

What Is The Campus Campaign?
The Gold Blue & You Campus Campaign for West Virginia University is an annual effort to inform, educate, and solicit faculty and staff to financially strengthen the University.

Why Should Employees Participate?
Every member of West Virginia University’s faculty and staff has an important stake in the University’s success. WVU relies on many different constituencies to grow and meet its every day needs. Your monetary contribution is a concrete way of expressing your belief in the importance of West Virginia University.

Is there a minimum for payroll deduction?
Yes. You can make a difference for as little as $3 per paycheck.