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WVU faculty, staff urged to donate to annual 'Gold Blue and You' Campus Campaign

on Tue, 03/31/2015 - 12:30

Having spent 25 years at West Virginia University, Professor Maria Amores has seen the University grow. And growth, she says, comes with from opportunity and commitment. Amores is a firm believer in giving back through the WVU Foundation’s Campus Campaign because she says it shows devotion to the University.

WVU faculty and staff have the same opportunity to invest in their University through “Gold Blue and You”, the Foundation’s annual private funding campaign for faculty and staff that runs now through the beginning of May.

“Faculty and staff giving back ensures maintaining the great environment of the University for all of us,” said Amores, who teaches and supervises Spanish graduate teaching assistants in the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics.

“The Campus Campaign demonstrates that we, as faculty and staff, care and are committed to WVU,” said Amores. “You become invested in the place you work resulting in pride that will last a lifetime.”

Pride and loyalty run deep in the Mountaineer community, said Kara Jenkins, campus campaign coordinator for the Foundation. During the 2014 Campus Campaign, nearly 1,500 faculty and staff donated. Their gifts totaled over $1.3 million with $178,700 provided for scholarship support.

Contributors can designate their gift to any department or unit within the University. Each gift, in its entirety, goes directly to the fund designated by the donor without any money being deducted for operational costs.

“I gave back as part of the faculty and staff campaign because many years ago a lady named Nancy McGreevy gave me a chance. Without her hiring me, just to do some computer work and answer the phone for her, I wouldn’t have been able to afford graduate school,” said Robert Phipps, now a WVU computer science professor. “When her husband Frank established the Nancy McGreevy Endowed History Scholarship after her death, it was the perfect thing for me to give back to and recognize what she had done for me to maybe help somebody else obtain a chance to move forward.”

Donations can be made through payroll deduction, credit card or check. Gifts can also be made online at All employees will be receiving materials and electronic communications about the campaign and further information on how to contribute.

Jenkins said that throughout the campaign, faculty and staff are called upon to inspire coworkers to give to a specific area that is important to them. An increase in annual giving participation, year after year, not only provides support to WVU, but demonstrates exemplary commitment to the University’s mission, she added.

Travis Stimling, professor of music history, shares similar sentiments and believes that giving stimulates the continued teaching of West Virginia culture and values that matter most.

“Being a native of the Mountain State, I know that Mountaineers are always free, which means that we have the opportunity to do interesting things and to forge our own paths. My great grandparents came across the mountains to find a new life here,” said Stimling. “When I decided to come back to WVU, it was to be able to build a new life for my family and to give back to the people of my home state. Being a Mountaineer to me is about giving back as much as it is anything.”

Though faculty and staff can support any specific program or the University in general, they are being asked to consider supporting three special funds that have made a huge impact on both students and the WVU community. The WVU Faculty-Staff Emergency Relief Fund was developed to help anyone in the University community who may need assistance. The WVU Student Food Pantry, or “The Rack” as it is more commonly called, is a food bank that allows WVU students who are experiencing financial difficulty a means to obtain food. The Scholarship Fund for Children of Classified Staff gives children of WVU classified staff the opportunity to be awarded scholarships based on financial need and academic achievement.

For more information on the Campus Campaign, visit or call the WVU Foundation, 304-284-4000.

Gifts to the ‘Gold Blue and You’ Campus Campaign will be made in conjunction with A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University. The $1 billion fundraising effort by the WVU Foundation on behalf of the University runs through December 2017.