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Daniel Shaffer '19

Daniel Shaffer

Daniel Shaffer, a senior WVU industrial engineering major, was able to maintain a 4.0 grade point average and find internships with the help of scholarships.

The Clarksburg, W.Va., native earned enough scholarships that he didn’t have to worry about having a part-time job while in school. He was able to focus all his time on his classes and finding internships for the summers to help prepare him for his future career.

He received scholarships from Notre Dame High School, National Merit Scholarship Corporation and WVU. Not only did the scholarships have an impact on Shaffer coming to WVU, so did the engineering program. It was an easy decision for him to make WVU his new home for four years.

“During the semester I live off the scholarship refund money and what I’ve saved working at internships. I doubt I would have been able to maintain a 4.0 if I worked through the semester too. It also gave me more time to devote toward looking for internships as well. Overall it helped eliminate a lot of the stress most college kids have to deal with,” Shaffer said.

He has had the opportunity to intern with three different companies. He was an estimating intern at the East Coast Metal Systems in Wheeling, W.Va. during the spring of 2017, an operations intern with ATI Specialty Materials in Richburg, SC, during the summer of 2017 and a technical sales intern at Eaton Corporation in Philadelphia, Pa., in the summer of 2018.

Shaffer is currently taking a class through the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources that will allow him to travel to Munich, Germany during spring break.

“In addition to some awesome cultural sites, we get to go on some plant tours that wouldn’t be open the public thanks to Dr. Hamrick’s connections. The cost of the trip is completely covered through scholarships for me.”

Dr. Hamrick is a teaching associate professor in the freshman engineering program in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources.

Shaffer chose engineering as his major because he enjoyed taking STEM classes in high school and figuring out how things work.

“I picked industrial engineering specifically after seeing Dr. Byrd’s department presentation in my freshman orientation class. I liked the flexibility that an industrial engineering degree offers. The curriculum gives you a lot of tools to analyze systems in every industry.”

After graduation, Shaffer will be working at John Moriarty & Associates in Arlington, Va.

“I like the construction industry because of the satisfaction that comes from working with lots of people and helping to complete those kinds of large-scale projects.”

Shaffer is keeping an open mind as far as the rest of his career.

“A lot of people emphasize goal-setting as important, but so far for me it has paid off to be present-minded. I just try to do my best work and be open to any moments of opportunity that present themselves along the way.”

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