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Georgia Beatty '21

Georgia Beatty

Earning the Bucklew Scholarship has opened many doors worldwide for Georgia Beatty, a Weirton, W.Va. resident.

The WVU sophomore is involved with WVU’s Global Medical and Dental Brigades and was able to go to Nicaragua. “I’ve treated patients in Nicaragua, and I’ll be treating patients in Honduras this spring.”

Beatty and other WVU students and professors helped 2,652 patients in four days. They built washing stations, septic tanks and irrigation trenches. This was life changing for Beatty.

She has also studied abroad in Europe. “In France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, I learned about European law and institutions. In the fall, I’ll ideally be living in Germany.”

Beatty studied international studies and German when she first came to WVU since she loves to travel and learn about different cultures and languages. She chose international studies, so she could make a difference in the world, and she still plans on making a change even though she plans to change her majors to English and German.

“While my international studies major has taken me to so many incredible places and given me so much knowledge, I ultimately decided I wanted to be more creative in my career, as I’ve always considered myself a writer first and foremost.”

Beatty was not sure if WVU was right for her, but her feelings changed after earning the Bucklew Scholarship.

“Primarily, the Bucklew Scholarship brought me to Morgantown. I don’t necessarily even mean that in the financial sense; the Bucklew brought me to campus in spring of 2016 and that was the first time I could really see myself at WVU.”

The Bucklew Scholarship awards a student from West Virginia $10,000 per year for four years.

The scholarship has given Beatty opportunities to travel, build relationships with her professors, find a wonderful group of friends and much more.

“There’s this unparalleled camaraderie here, and I felt that from the faculty sitting on the interview panel, the other Bucklew and Foundation Scholars, and all of the students on-campus; they all played an equally important role in finalizing my choice. Through them, I was introduced to so many opportunities I didn’t even know existed within my home state of West Virginia: studying abroad is feasible, nationally competitive scholarships are attainable, research opportunities are endless.”

Beatty wants to teach English as a foreign language through the Peace Corps for several years after graduation. She does not know what she wants to do after the Peace Corps, but plans to either attend graduate school, live abroad or have a writing or law career.

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