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Kerri Knotts '94

Kerri Knotts

The Woodlands, TX

Kerri Knotts of Woodlands, TX is vice president of commercial space for Barrios Technology and continues to serve as chairman and managing director for Appalachia-based oil-field services companies. After graduating from WVU’s Aerospace Engineering program in 1994, Knotts spent 20 years working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center where she focused on advancing human space flight. Knotts served in multiple technical and senior leadership roles during her career at NASA before leaving for private industry. She joined Houston-based start-up fuel-additives company, PetroActive, as CEO and then went on to create multiple start-ups servicing the oil and gas industry. Recently, Knotts returned to her roots of human space flight at Barrios, a small woman-owned company that has supported NASA’s engineering and operations for 40 years.

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