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West Virginia University

Founded in 1867, West Virginia University is the flagship land-grant, doctoral degree-granting research university in the state of West Virginia. As such, the institution occupies a unique position within the state.

West Virginia University’s primary mission is to provide high-quality programs of instruction at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels; to stimulate and foster both basic and applied research and scholarship; to engage in and encourage other creative and artistic work; and to bring the resources of the University to all segments of society through continuing education, extension, and public service activities.

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Davis Building

Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

We’re dedicated to the conservation and efficient use of nature — powering and protecting our world at the same time. We’re dedicated to the conservation and efficient use of nature — powering and protecting our world at the same time.

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College of Applied Human Sciences

We provide a holistic education that is designed to enrich the whole person – physically, emotionally and intellectually.

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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

This is where big ideas are born and critical thinking happens in eight different languages. We’re solving equations and solving crime. We’re penning the next great American novel while researching the next scientific breakthrough.

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Business Complex

Chambers College of Business and Economics

Whether we’re anticipating global shifts or local trends, pushing products or launching businesses, the bottom line is always top of mind. We’re driving the economy through creative solutions and boldly building the future of business.

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Creative Arts Center

College of Creative Arts

We’re the original pioneers — crafting one-of-a-kinds from nothing but our imaginations, raw materials and artistic skill.

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Statler College

Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

By developing more efficient systems and technology, we’re launching a cleaner, smarter kind of industrial revolution. We look at the big picture and consider every tiny detail, all to make new connections in science and apply them to human life.

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Law building

WVU College of Law

This is where justice and ethics guide every argument, and real courtroom experience gets us practice-ready. We’re building on the foundation of a traditional law program and innovating new ways to address tomorrow’s local and global challenges.

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Reed College

Reed College of Media

We are more than journalists and communicators — we are storytellers. We speak across every medium and connect with every audience. Whether it’s news, information, entertainment or promotion, we are the voice.

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Dentistry student

School of Dentistry

From the classroom to the clinic, WVU dental and dental hygiene students work in small groups and get extensive hands-on experience in patient care. Graduates can go directly into practice or begin exciting careers in oral health research.

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School of Medicine

School of Medicine

We exist at the forefront of modern medicine — advancing the scientific study of human life and bringing critical care to all who suffer. In our biggest cities, smallest towns and rural areas, we are the face of medicine.

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Nursing students

School of Nursing

Born with a heart to care for others, we’re developing the knowledge and skills to care for dozens of people at once, all while advancing research that will improve care for all.

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Pharmacy students

School of Pharmacy

Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals. With the patient care we provide and the medication therapies we manage, we’re caring for the people behind every prescription.

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Public Health students

School of Public Health

Our students are tackling the critical health issues facing communities in West Virginia and beyond.

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Honors College graudates

Honors College

The Honors College helps students cultivate a curiosity about the world around them; develop persistence and resilience in solving the academic and social problems they encounter and research; and pursue an adventurous spirit that embraces intellectual risks for the sake of personal, academic, and community growth.

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WVU System Campuses

West Virginia University is a family of distinctive campuses united by a single mission: to provide a quality and affordable education.

WVU Tech


WVU Institute of Technology

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