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Scholarship Recognition

Privately funded scholarships play a major role in providing support to deserving students. Up to 70% of WVU students seek financial support to attend each year, and private scholarships not only make it possible for some students to attend WVU, but they help reduce or, in some cases, eliminate the student loan burden after graduation. The WVU Foundation recognizes all endowed scholarships with a brick in the Ernest L. Hogan Scholars Walk.

Scholarship, Fellowship and Student Award Bricks honor donors of endowed funds benefiting students in a visible and permanent way. The Foundation engraves the name of each endowed scholarship, fellowship and student award at WVU into a brick. These bricks serve as a pathway of the Ernest L. Hogan Scholars Walk located directly in front of the University's Downtown Library Complex. Bricks are placed in the walk in chronological order by the year in which the scholarship was established, with the earliest years being closer to the Wall.

Each Scholarship brick is in alphabetical order, within the year the endowment was created. Odd years are to the left and even years are to the right of the WVU Seal.

While the Foundation administers certain aspects of the privately funded scholarships, it does not award them. To learn more about the scholarship award process, please contact the WVU Undergraduate Scholarship Office at

If you wish to learn more about creating a scholarship, contact the WVU Foundation at 304-284-4000. All technical problems with this site should be reported to at the WVU Foundation.

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