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Strategic Plan

Executive Summary & Strategic Goals

The WVU Foundation has reached a pivotal moment in time when, in order to see amazing opportunities come to fruition, it must take the important step of creating and implementing a new strategic plan in which the Foundation’s Board has assumed an unprecedented level of ownership and involvement in the long term planning for the Foundation’s future.

This moment in time offers an opportunity for collaboration that is as unique as it is powerful. With the dynamic and passionate leadership of WVU President Gordon Gee and WVU Foundation leadership, together with key leaders across the WVU family, an even greater level of commitment and expertise exists to achieve greatness for WVU and the WVU Foundation. Through increased cooperation, alignment and focus, the WVU Foundation can help the University, its affiliates, and all whom the University serves to achieve new levels of success, now and well into the future.

President Gee’s vision of “One WVU” calls for the Foundation to do more than simply support the University through its operations. His vision unites all University-affiliated organizations to create “One WVU” in message and presence to the outside world.

The WVU Foundation leadership, through the Foundation Board and its President, recognizes the significance of this alignment for the University and the WVU Foundation. This alignment will be at the core of the Foundation’s strategic plan, and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to helping President Gee build and grow his vision of “One WVU”.

Throughout its history, the WVU Foundation has strived to support the University, its goals and objectives. This continues to this day, as the Foundation, through the generosity of its donors, seeks to take WVU to entirely new levels of achievement and success.

In order to provide the best possible chance of success, the WVU Foundation will create its new strategic plan, serving as its guide to growth and success for the next five years, and setting the stage for continued evolution for years to come.

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of the WVU Foundation provide a clear pathway to success, while staying true to its mission, vision and values.

Strategic Goal #1

Increase overall fundraising in gifts and pledges to $135 million annually by FY20

Strategic Goal #2

Create “One WVU” and improve alignment with WVU and related entities

Strategic Goal #3

Ensure excellence in future WVU Foundation operations

Strategic Goal #4

Stabilize, grow and diversify funding sources for the WVU Foundation operating budget

Strategic Goal #5

Continue and expand development of the Board of Directors for the WVU Foundation

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