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Major Giving

Reflecting on one's college days spent in Morgantown often brings a flood of memories: a favorite professor, social events, research papers, football games at Mountaineer Field, time spent in the library stacks. For many grateful alumni and friends of WVU, reflecting on that period of their life also stirs an interest in giving something back to the University as a way to say "Thank You" for an education that was the springboard to a rewarding life.

To ensure future generations of Mountaineers have the opportunity to achieve greatness, the WVU Foundation works to secure and manage private support for the University. While any size gift is important to supporting the students and faculty at WVU, giving at the Major Gift level ($50,000 or more given at one time or spread out over a period of up to five years) can have a transformational effect for the institution.

Making a major gift to WVU should be a very personal decision that is not taken lightly or decided upon without careful consideration. Many questions such as what's the best asset to use for making the gift or what are the tax implementations often have to be answered. But perhaps the most important decision to be made is determining what part of WVU to support.  What is it about your experience at WVU that you want to strengthen or enhance with a gift?  Did a certain professor make an indelible impression on you as a student?  Maybe receiving a scholarship made it possible for you to attend college. Is the research we are doing in a specific health field close to your heart?  Perhaps the course work you did in Morgantown led you to a successful and enjoyable career.  Do you get chills when the marching band makes the outline of the state while playing "Country Roads"? These and many, many more reasons move alumni and friends of WVU to consider making a lasting investment in our state's flagship university.   

Having the opportunity to talk to a donor about a major gift to WVU is normally the result of a relationship that has grown between a donor and the University. In most cases, that relationship has been built over several months or years with the assistance of a professional development representative in one of our colleges/units, or a member of our Regional Development staff who travels around the nation reconnecting alumni with their alma mater. 

If you have an interest in supporting WVU in a significant way through a major gift or even a planned gift, we would like to talk with you and hear more about your thoughts. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the funding priorities of the University and can work with you to craft a gift opportunity that will help the institution and be something you can be proud to support.  We can also provide information on the various gift vehicles you may wish to consider in making this investment in WVU, knowing that consultation with your financial advisor is always recommended.

In the continental United States, there is a member of the WVU Foundation Regional Development staff responsible for your area. Chances are someone even travels to your region to visit with alumni and supporters of WVU, and can arrange a phone call or even a personal visit to meet you, hear about your interests and share the great news from campus if you so desire.

Regional Development  Contact Information

Bob Wetzel, Interim Assistant Vice President, Central Development
304-284-4083 (Office)
304-692-5895 (Cell)

Scott Grandrino, Assistant Director of Regional Development
304-284-4077 (Office)
304-276-5819 (Cell)

Mike Shaw, Senior Regional Development Officer
304-284-4022 (Office)
304-692-5899 (Cell)

Brandee Norris, Regional Development Officer
304-284-4024 (Office)
304-276-4547 (Cell)

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