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Outstanding Philanthropy Awards Previous Honorees

Milan Puskar – Outstanding Philanthropist
W. Gerald and Carolyn Eberly Blaney – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust – Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation

Raymond J. and Stephanie Lane – Outstanding Philanthropist
Stanley M. and Virginia Hostler – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation

James H. “Buck” Harless – Outstanding Philanthropist
Edgar O. and Betty H. Barrett – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
The Eberly Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation

Benjamin M. and Bonnie Jo Statler – Outstanding Philanthropist
Eric Suder – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Maier Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation

Daniel C. and Elizabeth D. Brown – Outstanding Philanthropist
Verl O. Purdy – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
N/A - HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
Cogent, Inc. – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

John C. and Joyce C. Allen – Outstanding Philanthropist
Betty J. Puskar – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Hugh I. Shott, Jr. Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
Landmark – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Fred T. Tattersall – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Alfred F. and Dolores J. Ware – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Nutting Foundation – Hazel Ruby McQuain (HRM) Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
United Bankshares, Inc. – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Stuart M. and Joyce Robbins – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Bob Huggins – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Jeanne G. and Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr. Family Foundation – HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
Siemens – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Robert and Laura Reynolds – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Douglas Van Scoy – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Carl Delsignore Family Foundation– HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company– Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Earl G. “Ken” and Randy Kendrick – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Curtis H. “Hank” and Joanne Harner Barnette – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Daywood Foundation – HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
Mylan, Inc. – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

George and Camilla Bennett – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Joan Corson Stamp – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
The Cline Family Foundation – HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
CONSOL Energy – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Stuart and Stephanie Bloch – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Pete White – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation – HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
BB&T – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

Verl O. Purdy – Mylan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Jack Rossi – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropists
The Bernard McDonough Foundation – HRM Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
Dominion Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation

No awards given

Hayhurst Family – Milan Puskar Outstanding Philanthropist
Marty Becker – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist
Charles Koch Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
EQT – Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation 

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