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Rushik Patel

Rushik Patel '24

Foundation Scholar Rushik Patel found his calling through years of volunteer work at his family’s local medical practice in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

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Milan Puskar Center

Milan Puskar Center

After three years of construction, West Virginia University’s Milan Puskar Center, home to Mountaineer football, celebrated the completion of a $55 million renovation project in July 2021.

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Thorsten Wuest Ph.D.

Thorsten Wuest Ph.D.

During a two-year term as an officer in the German military, Thorsten Wuest found himself assigned leading a logistics platoon focused on the supply and maintenance of military operations.

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Judith Feinberg

Judith Feinberg M.D.

Dr. Judith Feinberg is using her passion for research to focus on the prevention and treatment of infections associated with injection drug use.

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Marleah Knights

Marleah Knights '23

Earning the Foundation Scholarship gave Morgantown W,Va. resident Marleah Knights the chance to explore a variety of interests.

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Jim Iovino

Jim Iovino

A former reporter himself, Jim Iovino is now training the next generation of print reporters, editors and publishers as the Ogden Newspapers Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Innovation at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media.

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Kate Staples

Kate Staples Ph.D.

Dr. Kate Staples is using her passions for history and writing to teach WVU students how to communicate effectively and concisely on a professional level.

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Innovation Center

RNI Innovation Center

In May 2019, the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute opened its Innovation Center to advance the Institute’s research as well as its public-private partnerships with national and international experts.

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Olivia Dowler

Olivia Dowler '24

Foundation Scholar Olivia Dowler has seen what language barriers and other differences can affect the justice system, and she hopes to use her education at West Virginia University to bring representation to others.

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Heather Baldwin

Heather Baldwin '23

Growing up on a farm, Ruby Fellow recipient Heather Baldwin found a passion for animal science.

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Saiph Savage

Saiph Savage Ph.D.

When one thinks of engineering, the ability to coordinate citizens and volunteers to make a difference in their communities isn’t normally what first comes to mind.

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Kinsey Reed

Kinsey Reed '24

Ruby Fellow recipient Kinsey Reed's passion for agriculture came to her while at WVU, despite having no previous experience in the field.

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Juliet Wanosky

Juliet Wanosky '24

Bucklew Scholar Juliet Wanosky’s passion for engineering came to her with the help of some world-famous mouse ears and a little bit of magic.

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Joshua Osbourn

Joshua Osbourn Ph.D.

When one thinks of organic chemistry, positive thoughts do not usually come to mind. In fact, many college students are intimidated by the subject.

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Callyn Zeigler

Callyn Zeigler '23

After a year of undergraduate studies, Bucklew Scholar Callyn Zeigler is already blazing trails in the WVU Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources.

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