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WVU benefactor Benedum Foundation receives Fundraising Professionals award

The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation has been named the 2017 Outstanding Foundation and Philanthropic Organization by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Nominated by the West Virginia University Foundation, the Benedum Foundation has shown outstanding support and great commitment to the state of West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania.

As a result of this commitment, WVU has benefited from the Benedum Foundation’s support since 1954, receiving more than $35.6 million in grants.

“The WVU Foundation chose to nominate the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation for consideration as the 2017 Association of Fundraising Professionals Outstanding Philanthropic Organization or Foundation for its exceptional leadership and tireless efforts for civic responsibility,” said Cindi Roth, president and CEO of the WVU Foundation. “The Benedum Foundation continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to support various philanthropic causes related to education, economic development, health and human services and community development for the entire state of West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania.”

The Benedum Foundation has also supported programs such as education enhancement across West Virginia; vision care initiatives across the Appalachia region; the Health, Sciences and Technology Academy (HSTA, which allows for minority and underrepresented students to pursue degrees in health sciences, science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and many other programs.

Founded in 1944, the Benedum Foundation was established and named in memory of the late Michael and Sarah Benedum’s son, Claude Worthington Benedum, who passed away in 1918.

“The Benedum Foundation is honored to receive this award,” said Kim Tieman, Health and Human Services program director with the Benedum Foundation. “We see the Foundation as a partner as we strive to make system change, impact policy, and leverage resources to benefit the most people. We are fortunate to work with WVU on many projects that improve the lives of West Virginia citizens, such as funding of the School of Public Health and the Eye Institute we have been able to bring quality care to patients across the State thanks to partner agencies, such as the West Virginia Free clinics. We would also like to thank our Foundation partners including Highmark, McDonough, and the Sisters Health Foundation; with their support we have been able to maximize the impact of these efforts.”

The Foundation was funded by Michael Benedum and continues its commitment to “helping people help themselves” through community and philanthropic efforts, collaborating with corporations, foundations, non-profits and educational institutions such as WVU. 

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