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'You're donating to create a more connected world'

The Intensive English Program at WVU helps international students improve their English proficiency prior to entering an academic course of study. 

Many students enter the IEP to gain the necessary language level to successfully complete an academic program at WVU, while others join to simply better their conversation abilities. With leveled curriculum, students of any ability can manage to achieve incredible improvements in their speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

IEP students receive help with all aspects of living in Morgantown. Services include assistance with housing, banking, academic and personal counseling, healthcare and legal matters.

"You're not donating to a language program," said IEP instructor Brittany Ratcliff. "You are donating to create a more connected world. They education our students get at WVU, they don't just keep it here. It goes with them as they travel home and they become ambassadors for the U.S. and, more specifically, for their experiences at West Virginia."

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