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Troy Todd Foundation makes $10k donation to Rosenbaum Family House

The Troy Todd Foundation of the Franklin County Foundation has made a $10,000 gift to the Rosenbaum Family House at West Virginia University.

The gift was made in conjunction with the Grateful Patients, Families and Friends program as a result of the positive impact left on the donor’s family during leukemia treatment at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Troy Todd was diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2012 and passed away shortly after his diagnosis. It was during his treatment that his wife, Suzanne Todd Poe, was a guest at the Family House in order to be closer to her husband during treatment.

The Troy Todd fund was started as a tribute to Todd and his love for life and people and the Franklin County Foundation works to provide discretionary grants to nonprofit organizations in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

“Troy loved life and wanted others to experience the generosity, kindness and grace our family received from so many at the Rosenbaum House at West Virginia University Hospital,” said Poe. “In the summer of 2012 Troy was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and passed away just nine short months later. Living in Western Maryland we had to travel 60 miles one way for his treatment. We were blessed to come across the Rosenbaum House that offered us a room for a nominal weekly fee, so I could stay close to my husband during this difficult and devastating time of our lives. We often spoke of how angels seemed to take care of us and have a room when we needed it and we want to extend that gift to as many as possible. Donated funds will allow families to stay together during cancer treatment and hospital stays.”

The Family House was established in 1999 and has served more than 17,000 people since then. More than 13,000 meals were served in 2017 and the Family House continues to provide support to those who are in need of housing during treatment of a family member.

The Family House works to make guests comfortable by providing affordable accommodations to those who live 50 miles or more away from Morgantown, as the Grateful Patients, Families and Friends program works to recognize the positive experience patients and family members have had with WVU Medicine.

To learn more about or make a gift to the Grateful Patients, Families and Friends program, please contact Julia Phalunas, senior executive director of priority initiatives for Health Sciences Development, at 304-284-4085 or

To make a gift to the Rosenbaum Family House, please contact Jillian Zangari, development officer, at 304-598-6094 or

This gift was made through the WVU Foundation, the non-profit corporation that generates, receives and administers private gifts for the benefit of WVU.

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