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Scholar Profile: Katelyn Romm, Ph.D., Psychology

Fourth-year P h.D.  student Katelyn Romm from the WVU department of psychology last month was named as one of the four recipients of the WVU Foundation Distinguished Doctoral Scholarships.

The scholarships provide $5,000 to doctoral students working toward completion of their dissertation.

“Getting this scholarship will allow me to be able to collect data at several additional schools in different areas and locations that I wasn’t initially planning on being able to go to,” Romm said. “This is going to be super beneficial for me being able to conduct my dissertation project to the best of my ability and hopefully get some really good publications out of it in order to give back and help serve the community.”

Romm’s dissertation work examines adolescents' beliefs about and approval of negative parenting behaviors as protective factors against the influence of negative parenting. 

“My time at WVU has been amazing,” Romm said. “I’ve been able to grow, not only as a student, but also as a researcher and an instructor. Teaching has been one of my favorite parts of graduate school.

“It has really helped reinforce my passion for academia,” she continued. “I learned that not only do I want to do research, but I also want to teach and mentor and help aspiring psychology students hopefully learn more about the research process.”

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