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Juliet Wanosky '24

Juliet Wanosky

Bucklew Scholar Juliet Wanosky’s passion for engineering came to her with the help of some world-famous mouse ears and a little bit of magic.

Wanosky, a Parkersburg, W.Va. resident studying mechanical engineering, knew that she wanted to work for Disney in some capacity since her family first visited Walt Disney World in 2006. She rode her first roller coaster, The Barnstormer, at Magic Kingdom when she was just three years old. For many, the theme parks serve as an entertaining escape from reality. The pure joy that the parks create immediately sparked Wanosky’s interest, and she wanted to learn just how the magic was created.

“Whenever you go to Disney, it feels like a different world. Everything is so carefully placed and well-managed," she said. "I’ve always had a love for science and math, so I’m really interested in Imagineering with the Walt Disney company—which is basically the behind-the-scenes of the park.”

The Imagineers are an integral group of artists and engineers formed in 1952 that are responsible for creating, designing and constructing attractions, from roller coasters to scenery throughout Disney parks around the world. Their innovative and complex work creates the seamlessly smooth experience that characterizes Disney’s reputation. Wanosky wants to be a part of the magic that brings families together. 

“In this day and age, people are so caught up in social media, and it’s nice to see how Disney allows families to interact with each other and make such valuable memories together.”

Wanosky plans to minor in theatre production in hopes of connecting her engineering studies with the artistic aspect of Disney. She is highly interested in the Disney College Program, with hopes to earn a professional internship with the company later in her college career.

She hopes to get involved in the Society of Women Engineers to connect with other women who share her passions. She also would like to get involved in the Student Government Association and Model United Nations to expand her knowledge beyond engineering.

Wanosky began touring WVU during her sophomore year of high school and got the chance to experience the campus during the Hugh O. Brien Youth Leadership seminar and the WVU Statler College’s Engineering Challenge Camp, where she was able to meet several future professors.

“I chose WVU because of the strong community between the faculty and students," she said. "I truly feel that I have the best opportunities, financially and academically, at WVU.”

She will attend WVU with the Bucklew Scholarship, the Engineering Excellence Level 2 Scholarship, and the Top Scholar/Valedictorian Scholarship, which will provide $13,000 in funding per year during her undergraduate studies.

With the COVID-19 pandemic that drastically changed her senior year of high school, Wanosky said that the funding from WVU scholarships has allowed her to feel some comfort in the midst of uncertainty.

“Students don’t know what their college experience is going to look like, but showing support for them during these hard times can really make a positive impact on their lives.”

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