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Social Media Tips


Yes, we will have a hashtag, and it will be #WVUDayofGiving. Every post about the Day of Giving on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should include this hashtag. We will use the hashtag on the day of the event to engage, curate to the Day of Giving website and monitor conversation. 


The website is It's important to share the link in every social media post.

Unrestricted giving terminology

We will not use the term "unrestricted giving" at any point. As you are writing social media posts, please use terminology like "areas in need of funding" or "greatest needs" or "areas at WVU that need your support the most." 

Visuals matter  

Each post you see will have a corresponding image with it. Please use them, as they will help increase the visibility and reach of each post. Social media posts with visuals have twice the chance to be viewed compared to a normal text post. 

Social Media Accessibility

If you contribute to a social media property on behalf of WVU, the content you provide must be accessible. Follow this link to make sure you are making your posts about Day of Giving properly accessible. 

Best times to post 

We’ve found that Facebook posts are more successful when they’re posted in the early afternoon hours. The same can be said with Instagram. For other social media platforms, there is no significant pattern, so anytime works. 

Personalize your posts 

The posts within this toolkit are recommended to use for Day of Giving promotion, but there will be a lot of units using them. So, if you want to stand out even more, use those posts as inspiration to create your own.

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