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What We Do

  • Identify and distribute current and anticipated grant funding opportunities to the community. 
  • Manage a curated list of corporate and foundation donors with deep institutional relations or have indicated a single point of contact. 
  • Provide background and context regarding funder interests, history of support, and other helpful information. 
  • Engage in strategy development to accelerate relationship building with potential investors. 
  • Enable connections with corporate and foundation leaders and representatives. 
  • Assist in the development of strategic and compelling proposals around discrete, innovative projects.
  • Aid in the planning of corporate and foundation visits-from planning to briefings. 
  • Collaborate with leadership, faculty, and research administrators across the University to ensure submissions align with University policies and procedures.  
  • Facilitate stewardship and relationship management to establish thriving partnerships between West Virginia University leadership and faculty and corporate and foundation investors. 

Pre-award Process
  • For principal investigators who do not already have a funder in mind, the WVUF CFR Office can help find potential funders through research or by leveraging existing relationships. Research Requests can be submitted here
  • If the PI and/or unit Development Officer is submitting a proposal, please fill out the proposal coordination found here and return to of Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.
  • Once a funder is determined, WVUF CFR can also provide proposal development support. Please see the graphic here to see which services are provided at each funding level.
  • We take pride in giving each proposal the greatest opportunity for success. Simply put, our success is your success. We are not subject matter experts when it comes to each project, but we are experts when it comes to navigating the grant seeking process. Our team brings decades of experience by raising hundreds of millions of dollars through the grant process.
  • Please see our Resources page for articles detailing best practices.

Post-award Process

  • Once a proposal is successfully funded, the WVUF CFR Office also has the support staff to ensure this part of the process goes smoothly.
  • Below you will find the typical grant processing timeline. Please note that this is not necessarily true for each grant, and the grant processing workflow is subject to change as it pertains to each granting organization.
  • Typical grant processing workflow:
    • Grantor approves proposal
    • Grantor sends PI award documents
    • PI will send WVUF CFR documents that need signed, WVUF CFR will secure signatures, and then transmit back to grantor
    • Once grantor receives signed award documents, they will send payment onto WVUF.
    • (For grants over $10,000) At the same time, WVUF will compile copies of the proposal, project budget, and award letter to create a new Foundation fund for the grant.
    • (For large or unusual grants) WVUF CFR may hold a “start—up” meeting with the PI and their budget officer to discuss the grant, reporting structures, anything else pertinent to the lifecycle of the grant.
    • Once rece ived, the Foundation will deposit the money and alert the PI.

  • Before reports are due to the granting agency, WVUF CFR will email the PI twice (approx. 1 month and 2 months away from due date).
  • Once reports are completed, WVUF CFR asks that reports are sent to WVUF for record keeping purposes.

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