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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations?

Contact our office when you have questions about private foundations or want to begin exploring private foundation funding opportunities. We can help with researching prospects, developing proposals, planning corporate and foundation visits and more.

Click here to provide a brief overview of your project and your funding target to the OCFR.

Does OCFR have established relationships or contacts at corporations and foundations?

The OCFR staff has developed relationships with program officers at dozens of foundations and is experienced at locating existing connections to WVU or forging new ones when needed. We can often offer inside information about a specific foundation or opportunity based on our prior work with them and can share what we have learned about their current priorities. 

Does the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations provide writing and editing support?

Yes! Our team serves as proposal consultants for letters of inquiry (LOIs) or proposals requesting foundation support. We can provide guidance on framing your request, review draft inquiries and draft proposals, and ensure that the language and context align with the audience that will be reviewing your request.

Do I have to go through the OCFR?

There are many benefits to working with the OCFR in the pre-award and post-award process. We continue to build partnerships with the various WVU external funding groups to accelerate internal approvals and communicate with the Office of Research and the WVU Office of Corporate Relations to ensure coordination.

Even if you have already written a proposal and/or contacted an external investor, you need to submit a proposal coordination form, a copy of the proposal and a copy of the budget for review by a committee of WVUF and WVU decision makers. 

Follow this link: to get started.

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